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We at Popular Medical Centre Care always fully focused on helping you to overcame any hurdle.

Popular Medical Center Ltd. is a joint venture of Popular Diagnostic Centre Ltd, Dhaka.is an advanced Center for diagnostic and medical services. It is one of the largest and prestigious diagnostic Centres in Sylhet which started its activities in 2005. Popular Medical Center Ltd. is the largest diagnostic services provider organization in private sector in Sylhet. It is been pioneer in introducing world latest medical equipments and advanced technology to provide round the clock medical investigations and consultancy services.

Our state of the art machine.

  • MRI
  • BMD
  • Vitros
  • X-Ray
  • Bio-Rad, Siemens (Dade Bearing)
  • Blood Culture
  • ETT Machine (Treadmil)
  • 128 Slice Acquisitions and 384 Reconstruction Spiral CT Scan
  • OPG

  • 4Copy
  • 3Copy
  • 2Copy
  • 1

   By Endoscopic successfully removal of ingested coin

   into the throat of three years old child

   at Popular Medical Centre Ltd, Kajalshah, Sylhet.

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